Managing Stakeholders



In global organisations, a leader’s complex and matrixed web of stakeholders can soon turn into a minefield. We develop the leader’s skills to understand and map their stakeholders, and help develop the skills to engage them effectively.

Pfizer has established a new scientific division to develop breakthrough technologies. We have helped the new team to navigate a complicated stakeholder landscape, securing support for the new approach, and building effective relationships across the business. 


Employee Engagement



Mobilising senior and mid-level leaders by equipping them with the skills they need to have engaging and productive conversations with their teams on the macro and micro topics that matter.

At GSK we have worked with over 2,000 leaders, coaching them on the skills to engage their teams in inspiring and productive conversations. Run as a 1-day programme in small groups, delivered globally.


Executive Development



One of the most common brakes on a senior leader’s development is their ability to communicate, often because the communication demands on a senior leader are very different from those who simply manage.

For Unilever, we provided a young, very senior executive with the counsel to develop his leadership style and story, and to engage more effectively with his own team and external stakeholders.


Inspiring Teams & Organisations


Anglian Water

Developing the compelling narratives that leaders use with their organisations, teams and external stakeholders to inspire and drive a strong sense of purpose.

Anglian Water wanted a big idea to inspire employees and differentiate them. We developed a platform around leading on sustainability, captured in the idea of ‘Love Every Drop’ – the notion that has driven the organisation over the last 6 years and goes from strength to strength.


Communications Skills for Partnerships


Rino Tinto

Sometimes the problem is clear – a group of business partners need to find more compelling ways of talking about the value they can bring and what they do in order to get traction in the business.

For Rio Tinto, we developed and ran a master-class in storytelling. By developing the skills for a functional team to be better able to provide a valuable point of view, it helped to plug them in earlier to the decision-making process.