Take me to your leader

If the stereotypical alien asked you this,
who would you take them to?


The person with the job title, or the person who knows where you’re going, why you’re going there and has convinced you to help make it happen? Managers might focus on getting things done, but leaders focus on making people feel like they want to get things done. And that’s the big step up from manager to leader that so often catches people out.

As a leader, you need to create and articulate a vision. You need to embody your commitment to that vision. And you need the communication and leadership skills that will take people with you. This is where we focus our attention.

Our ‘Visible Leadership’ approach will help you bring your vision to life, have the conversations that matter and drive the progress and behaviours you want to see by truly inspiring those around you.

our aim is to take you to your leader.

You are not alone …

In fact, you’re in good company


Our Idea

Helps leaders engage, inspire and influence

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Visible Leadership Model ™

Visible Leadership is about knowing who you are, and having the narrative and skills you need to truly engage your teams and stakeholders in your agenda. It’s all about bringing people with you.


Our Approach

is designed to engage and inspire

Is designed to have a lasting effect

Great companies and the most effective leaders are driven by clear purpose and vision. Working at a corporate, team or personal level, we can help define it, leverage it to inspire those around you, and sustain it with the right culture and conversations.


Our Impact

Is on the issues that matter 


We are business savvy and proud that our work is practical and solves real-world issues that organisations and leaders face.  

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An Experienced Team

A boutique consultancy, based in London, operating globally.


Our people come in many different flavours.  Some have traditional communications agency backgrounds.  But, working with us, you might also meet a barrister, a coach, a film director, a corporate communications expert, a speech-writer or an HR expert.